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Crave wisdom of God, the sense to understand,
Else meddle not herewith, nor take it in hand.
For it will cost thee much worldly wealth;
But trust not to other, but do it thyself.
Learn, therefore, first to cleanse, purify and sublime,
To dissolve, congeal, distill and sometime
To conjoin and separate, and how to do all,
That when you think to rise, thou do not fall,
Trust to thyself and not to another;
I can say no more to thee if thou were my brother.
- Simon Forman, 1597

Patch 1.110 has arrived! All potions have been updated for more charges (and different recipes), and 3 new buff potions are now available (multiple buffs!). Read on for details:

Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.110 Release Notes
General Changes
October 25, 2011

  • All player-crafted potions have had their charges increased. NOTE: This will only affect newly-created potions. Existing potions will still have the same number of charges.
    • All potions that had 3 charges now have 10 charges.
    • All potions that had 6 charges now have 20 charges.
    • All potions that had 9 charges now have 30 charges.
  • All player-crafted potions have had their material requirements increased. In most cases, the number of required materials has tripled. However, for recipes that required dropped materials, the material requirements have shifted slightly. No player-crafted potion will require more than 4 of any dropped material.
  • All player-crafted potions have had their values increased to match their new crafting costs.
  • The following Stat Buff Potions have had their bonuses adjusted:
    • Elixir of Strength - 34 Strength
    • Elixir of Fortitude - 34 Constitution
    • Elixir of Dexterity - 34 Dexterity
    • Elixir of Enlightenment - 45 Acuity
    • Elixir of Might - 51 Strength / Constitution
    • Elixir of Deftness - 51 Dexterity / Quickness
  • A new type of player-crafted Stat Buff Potion has been added to the Alchemy crafting skill. These new potions can be found in the 'Stat Buff Draughts' section. These potions can be crafted starting at 950 Alchemy Skill, and will have 10/20/30 charges, depending on the level of the potion created. The buff values for these potions are as follows:
    • Draught of Strength - 38 Strength
    • Draught of Fortitude - 38 Constitution
    • Draught of Dexterity - 38 Dexterity
    • Draught of Enlightenment - 50 Acuity
    • Draught of Might - 57 Strength / Constitution
    • Draught of Deftness - 57 Dexterity / Quickness
  • Three new Stat Buff potions also have multiple buff versions, available to players at 1100 Alchemy Skill, that can be used to receive the following buffs:
    • Draught of Courage - Will cast Draught of Strength, Draught of Fortitude, Draught of Dexterity
    • Draught of Superior Courage - Will cast Draught of Enlightenment, Draught of Might, Draught of Deftness
    • Draught of Heroism - Will cast Draught of Strength, Draught of Fortitude, Draught of Dexterity, Draught of Enlightenment, Draught of Might, Draught of Deftness

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