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Getting Started

So you want to become an alchemist eh? The following is a guide to get you started on your path. As of version 1.87,  tradeskill class restrictions have been lifted so that any DAoC class can take up alchemy, either by itself or in combination with other tradeskills.

To get started on your way, you need to become part of the Order of Alchemists by  visiting the Alchemist Master for your realm. Below is a list of alchemist masters and their locations for each realm.

Realm Name Location
Albion Adelaide Dinsmore Merlin's Tower, Camelot City
Albion Mirelle Edmunds Gothwaite Harbor, SI
Albion Mirelva Inconnu Crypt, Catacombs
Hibernia Aslander Druid Grove, Tir na Nog
Hibernia Mairsil Grove of Domnann, SI
Hibernia Colma Shar Labyrinth, Catacombs
Midgard Armod Dag Jordheim Guildhall
Midgard Edony Aegirhamn, SI
Midgard Thayra Kobold Undercity, Catacombs
All realms All housing zone market Alchemist trainers

Right click on on the alchemist master to speak with him and he will ask if you wish to join the Order of [Alchemists]. Left clicking on the highlighted word [Alchemists] will bring up a dialog box asking you to confirm that you wish to become an alchemist as shown above. If you are sure this is what you want to do, click "Accept". 


Once you have clicked Accept you will be accepted into the Order of Alchemists with the rank of "Apprentice's Helper"  and gain skill in a number of skills. Herbcraft and Jewelcraft are alchemy's secondary skills which will automatically level up as you level alchemy. There are no items that can be crafted from either Herbcraft or Jewelcraft at this time.


As you gain skill, you will gain a new rank and your craft menu will unlock new items you can make. The alchemy trade ranking is as follows:

Apprentice's Helper 0 - 99
Jr. Apprentice Alchemist 100 - 199
Apprentice Alchemist 200 - 299
Neophyte Alchemist 300 - 399
Assistant Alchemist 400 - 499
Junior Alchemist 500- 599
Journeyman Alchemist 600 - 699
Senior Alchemist 700 - 799
Master Alchemist 800 - 899
Grandmaster Alchemist 900 - 999
Legendary Alchemist ("LGM") 1000 +

Note: Crafters are no longer required to speak to their tradeskill master to advance to the next rank.

If you would like to impress your friends or advertise yourself as being available to craft for your realm mates, you can change your character display from your class name to your trade name and level by typing /setwho trade (to switch back to your class name, type /setwho class). If you have multiple tradeskills and want to display a specific tradeskill title (i.e. Master Fletcher, Legendary Alchemist, Junior Weaponcrafter),  speak to the tradeskill master of that trade and type /title.  Setting your character display to your trade will enable others to find you if they are searching for an alchemist and generally indicates that you are "taking orders" for items.