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Hot off the Herald Grab Bag:

Q. Can two characters from different realms trade items with each other from their backpack? If not can a Hibernian go in the frontier of another Realm and kill the trophy mobs and get them stuffed by a taxidermist of their Realm?

A. The Lady of the Jewels has the answer for you: Two characters from opposing realms cannot trade with each other. As for the monster remains, you can go into an enemy realm's frontier and kill a trophy mob there to receive its remains. For example, if a group of Hibernian players were to kill the Green Knight, he would have the same chance to drop his remains for them as he would for an Albion group. These remains would then be able to be turned in to your realm's Taxidermist like any found in your own Frontier. If you find monster remains in the Frontiers that you are unable to turn in, please submit a Bug Report so we can investigate.

Q. Acuity buffs do not seem to be affecting some of my characters. I tried to use potions on both my Paladin and my Heretic. The effect icon appears at the top and there is a visual but the actual stat itself isn?t affected. The same happened on my Reaver with the Champion Level acuity buff. Is this a bug?

A. A bug! I asked the Balancinator to get his shoe ready to squash this one: Acuity buffs are only beneficial to list casters. The Paladin, Reaver, and Heretic are all hybrids classes that receive no benefit from the buff.