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Updated the website with the new recipes added in the 1.70 patch. We finally get weapon dyes for crafted weapons in this patch, as well as the chance to help create shrinkable seige equipment. Check out the recipes page for the new recipes.

Doing updates at 3am in the morning seems not to have been such a bright idea, so today's update fixes a number of mistakes I made last night. The Unique Dye data should now be accurate to the best of my ability to check it, a new Spreadsheet and PDFs available as usual.

Well it's been a while since I've updated the website, but today you get the first update for the new Unique Dyes that were added in 1.69. I'm missing the sellback prices, but I believe the cost to make prices are correct. If you see any mistakes feel free to give me a shout. The webpages, Excel spreadsheet and pdfs (US versions only) have all been updated

The Foundations expansion has just been released for the European servers and with that Isabel / Findelux has updated the German version of the spreadsheet and PDFs to include the new Trophy potions.

With the release of the 'Trials of Atlantis' expansion we got a single addition to our craft, a water breathing potion. I've updated the webpages, spreadsheets and PDFs to include the new potion.

Hanse of Albion/Galahad has produced a nice little tool to help Alchemists skilling up. It allows you to quickly show what items are available for you to skill up on at any skill level as well as showing how much money you will lose for each combine when selling the result back to a merchant. The tool can be downloaded directly from here or you can visit the thread on for more information.
I've also updated the XML and spreadsheets/pdfs to include the change to the lvl 47 haste procs, so they all show it as 1 minute duration that went live on the 12th August.

Another small update for us in the 1.64g patch notes:
  • Potion re-use timers have been fixed.

Just a small update for us in the 1.64c patch notes that have just hit Pendragon (I'll update the XML and effects pages once it actually goes live).
  • Items using the "Titans Speed" proc should now have a buff duration of 1 minute after they proc.

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates, just moved house so haven't really had much time for DAoC lately (that and I've been trying out SWG in any spare time I have).. anyway I wanted to let you all know about a great website that lists mobs that drop remains that can be made into Trophies. The website can be found at: DAoC Trophy Mobs

I've just uploaded the updated merchant page so it now contains the details for the Alchemy Masters, Merchants and Taxidermists that have been added with the Foundations expansion.

The latest Dark Age of Camelot expansion Foundations has gone live. The expansion brings with it a new category of recipes, Trophy Potions. I've updated the website with these new recipes and will be working on updating the guide and erchants lists over the next few days as I finish collecting the data.

The German versions of the PDFs are now available from the Downloads section of the website. I've also updated the Recharging section with an extra paragraph on our on going efforts to determine the skill levels required to recharge arcanium charges of various types.

The Alchemy Reference spreadsheet is now available in German from the Downloads section of the website for those players that play on the German DAoC servers. Thanks to Isabel / Findelux for translating the spreadsheet for me.

PDF versions of the spreadsheet will be available shortly, I just need to sort out a problem with my distilling software.

This weeks Grab Bag had a question referring to Mythic's stance on Reactive Procs on shields. Mythic up until now have said that reactive procs should not work on shields at all. Testing had shown that they were working in RvR, but not in PvE. Sanya has the following to say on the topic:

Q: In the Grab Bag of Feb 21 ( the uses and efficacy of various tinctures was clarified. Specifically, it was stated that reactive procs would not fire when applied to a shield that then blocks. I have personally observed several shields wielded by several different players proc a reactive in testing. The one player would execute the Engage skill, and the other would beat on him. The reactive would invariably fire after enough hits. Is this a bug, or was the usage reconsidered (frankly, a reactive SHOULD logically work on a shield)? I don't want to run to an Alc to get one applied, to have it later switched off. :(

A: Grab bags often turn up bugs, or things not working right, or wrong answers. In this case, the answer was incomplete. Here's what I got from the Programmer In Charge Of Such Things: "[The code says] that if a reactive proc is placed on a shield, it will go off when the shield blocks but not when you bash with the shield. If an offensive proc is put on the shield, it will go off for bashes but not blocking."

Added Granite Giant Stonelords to the list of mobs that drop Ancient Pure Mercury (Thanks to Ardenai Verrian of Alb/Lancelot for that) and reformatted the SI Tincture drop list to a more standard layout.

Fixed error with the Elixir of Enlightenment data. Updated all the files in the Downloads section (I have used a new printer driver for converting the PDF files which has reduced their size to 1/3rd of their previous size).

Some new Alchemy Recipes have been added on Pendragon. They appear to be part of the Foundations Expansion and my guess is will be used as part of the process to create Trophies that can be displayed inside you house.

A list of these Beta Recipes can be found here.

The 1.61 patch has been moved onto live. The three changes listed in the 19th March item are now live.

The 1.61a patch has just hit Pendragon for testing and includes a couple of Alchemy changes:
  • All dropped alchemy components are now marked as no sell. Note: these items did not previously have a sale value. They have been marked as no sell to prevent players from mistakenly selling them for 0 copper.
  • Urlo the spellcraft merchant in Aegirhamn has moved from outside on the ledge to inside by his fellow merchants.
  • The alchemy table in Gothwaite Harbor has been moved t a more appropriate location.

I've posted a new version of the Alchemy XML. This version fixes a few errors in the component data where I'd missed fixing the cost/quantity data for any component that had an apostrope in it's name. The component data should now be correct as of the 1.60 patch.

Also I've just received news that the Instant Elixir of Healing has had it's value changed from 180 to 280 on the European servers, this change hasn't been done to the US servers though.