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This is completely off the wall but I've heard so many arguments about this during the past 6 years I've been gaming in DAoC that I simply had to post it lest it escape back into the murky depths of the archives on the Camelot Herald:

"Q. Can/will you please officially state whether or not one is able to see an enemy player's torch if they have it on in an RvR area? Some people try to claim that two years ago there were patch notes saying that you are not supposed to be able to see enemy realm torches, but I know for a fact that you can since I see them all the time making people glow like a beacon, especially at night.

A. From the Keeper of the Devs: If a player has their torch on their face will be lit up to other players, regardless of realm. I must admit I can be found being yelled at by my group mates many a night. "Turn off your torch!" Gah?I hate running around in the dark."

I KNEW IT! Now only if I could track down that dude in Thidranki/Percival I made a bet with a year and a half ago...he owes me a plat! (lol). :)