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Yes!! EA Mythic's response to the recent uproar over correcting "rechargeable" pots (from the Herald):

We know that there has been a lot of discussion about the fix made to potions which no longer allows them to be recharged. In response to the feedback we have been receiving, we have decided to make some changes to the Alchemy drops in all three realms. So without further ado, the following change is now live:

- All Alchemy components obtained from killing monsters now have an increased drop rate.

Rechargeable pots. *Sigh.*

I know that the recent "nerf" of this feature is a very sensitive issue for many players out there (as evidenced by much debate in the forums). Personally I've always felt this was a bug and have even escalated it as such quite a time ago. However, as it took a while to fix, it's understandable how many see this as a take-away, not a correction. Here's the offical word on it.

Friday Grab Bag Goodness
Posted By: Joanne Laroche
2008-08-22 19:03:26

Q. In patch 1.95, invigoration potions were extended from a 5 minute duration to a 10 minute duration. I see that even my existing potions have been adjusted to a 10 minute duration, but now I cannot recharge these potions even though I am a Legendary Alchemist. Is this intended, or was the recharge ability of the potions inadvertently impacted?

A. Getting right to the heart of the matter, the Lady of the Jewels explains: Potions were never meant to be rechargeable. This was a characteristic of these items that wasn't intended, so it was corrected in the recent patch. The fix was not related to the increased duration of invigoration potions, which was a separate change.

All invigoration (endurance) potions have had their duration increased from five minutes to ten minutes.

Also noted in the Herald - all Alchemy components obtained from monsters throughout the realms now drop in stacks of five.

Excerpts from the latest grab bag on the Herald:

Q. I have the "Foil Hat of Swirling Thoughts" and it is quite useful, but one thing I find is that after using it to teleport me to the Grove of Domnann, I often forget to take it off and put my regular Level 50 helm back on. In order to help me remember, I recently tried to dye it a bright red color. That's when I found out it " not dyable!". Is there any thoughts to changing this for absent-minded players like me?

A. The Lady of the Jewels didn?t want to forget to tell you: I am also too absent-minded and forget to put my helm back on after using the Foil Hat. This seems like a reasonable request to me!