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Version 1.100 Release Notes

Dragon Campaign Changes
December 15, 2009

Item Notes

  • Perfected Patterns are purchasable from the Bounty Point Merchants.

Trials of Atlantis World Notes - Item Notes

  • The Legendary Weapon +2 percent damage stat has been increased to +3 percent damage and now works against all enemies. Please note that this and other Legendary Weapon changes may be retroactive for the spell crafted weapons but to get the full benefit of all the changes, a new weapon should be crafted.
  • Legendary Weapons now have a secondary ability that can proc an ablative.
  • The majority of Legendary Weapons have had their weapon speed decreased.
  • All one handed Legendary Weapons in Albion and Hibernia have been made usable in the offhand. All one handed axes in Midgard have been made usable in the offhand.

Hot Fix Notes - 12/17/2009

Legendary Weapons
  • Benthic Great Sword: the DPS for this weapon has been adjusted to match other Legendary Great Swords.
  • Destroying any Legendary Weapon will now result in receiving the primary component used to create the Legendary. Destroying a Lithic Weapon will give you a Dust of Creation for example.
  • Please note that to get the full benefits of a Legendary Weapon, such as the 3% damage bonus, you must fully Spell Craft each of the slots (3 total). After that has been done, you will see all the appropriate bonuses when you /bonuses.

The Newsletter archives are now pulled from a database to ease in future updates. For most, you won't notice any change (other than link names have been changed and all of the newsletter pages are now using the same formatting and graphics).

This site has officially broken out of frames!!! As such, you can easily bookmark any page of the site - please note, all pages now end with the extension php instead of the previous htm. I "believe" I got all the internal links updated as well, if you find one I've missed, please msg me on VN for correction.