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From Test Version 1.88b Release Notes on the Herald:


- Timers for all recipes have been standardized to reduce some inconsistencies, as well as to eliminate many excessively long crafting times. For the vast majority of recipes, this results in a significant decrease in crafting time; anywhere from a few seconds to as much as two minutes, such as in the case of the bulk trinkets."

A question was raised on the VN Tradeskill boards if this also applied to salvaging timers. According to the Tradeskill TL, "It will not affect salvaging times, only 'recipes'. Salvaging is a completely different beast in terms of coding."

First of all, if you're more awake than I am at the moment, you're likely noticing I moved "News" to the intro page in my continuing effort to streamline the site where it makes sense. Your suggestions, as always, are welcome.

Also, I wanted to thank a sharp-eyed reader for writing to me to regarding something that probably bears further explanation regarding diminutive siege and both types of costume potions.

As you may or may not have noticed, the recipe pages for these items reflect a skill level that does not match what a recipe list may state in game for those of you who are alchemy LGM's. Specifically, diminutive siege in-game is listed as 800 and this site lists 900; costume potions are listed as 900 and this site lists 1000 (as of 5 minutes ago...thanks Stephanie! :) )

Why the discrepancy? Mythic's intent for these is that alchemists cannot skill off of them, hence setting the crafting threshold at a skill level where they will immediately "con gray" as soon as they appear on the recipe list. To lessen the confusion, I will post the actual level you can make them - which, I repeat, will not match what your recipe list states in game.

Excerpt from the 2/15/07 test notes on the Herald (these changes only exist on the Pendragon test server presently; they will be updated here on the Apothecary once they're implemented live):

""General - Albion

- The Armorsmiths, Fletchers, and Weaponsmith Masters of Camelot have relocated to 'Shorty' Malone's Inn which is located near the channelers in Camelot square near the forge.

- The Alchemist and Spellcraft Masters of Camelot have relocated to the Magus Shoppus immediately next to 'Shorty' Malone's Inn.

- The Guild of Shadows alchemy table has been relocated to just outside 'Shorty' Malone's Inn.

General - Midgard

- Merchants selling crafting materials have settled their differences and have relocated to the two longhouses just North of the Assembly Hall.

- All tradeskill masters can now be found in either the two longhouses or the smaller building to the north of them.

- The alchemy table behind the Assembly Hall has been relocated to near the forge in this same area."

A few updates:
  • Weak Essence of Lethargy and Weak Essence of Weakness have been updated to show their new flattened recipes.
  • Previously reported errors to Mythic for recipe and/or sellback amounts have now been corrected for the following:
    Elixir of Might
    Elixir of Deftness
    Weak Potion of Replenishment
    Weak Potion of Invigoration
    Weak Potion of Mending
    Potion of Power
    Improved Potion of Power
    Strong Potion of Power
    Potion of Health
    Improved Potion of Health
    Strong Potion of Health
    Potion of Endurance
    Improved Potion of Endurance
    Strong Potion of Endurance
  • Updated drops list

If you suspect an error in the information on this site, please do me a huge favor and send an email specifying where you see the discrepancy (i.e., recipe list or reference list vs. in-game recipe delve) and what the discrepancy is (i.e. cost amounts, recipe info). It will save me a lot of time in verifying the information and making corrections if needed.

Thanks. :)

A little spring-cleaning went on here at The Olde Apothecary today with some reformatting and other odds and ends in case things look a little different in places.

Thanks to everyone who took the poll regarding a buy and sell forum. Surprisingly, there was overwhelming favor for having this so I'm pleased to let you know this can be found at The Olde Apothecary Shoppe (there's also a temporary link in the side menu).

We'll see how it goes as far as usage goes for the U.S. servers while I'm on the 30-day "free trial" - if there's enough traffic, I'll splurge to host it indefinitely and expand to the international servers as well.

As always, your feedback and questions are much appreciated in order to improve upon the content offered in the site - thank you!