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From the Herald grab bag - I highlighted the bit that addressed the burning question in the back of some players' minds:

Q. In the New patch notes it states that all dots will be changing. What about Warlock?s hexing line dot? Will it be faster ticking like the others? What about nightshades and other poison users?

A. Says the Redhead: Well, we actually only changed a certain type of DoT, those that are used as primary forms of damage for the spell line that they are associated. The main goal of this change is to make these casted DoT spells deliver damage in a manner that is more appropriate for the pace of today's combat, and to give DoT casters a more significant hold as a damage caster on the battlefield. Because this change is focusing on casted DoT, we will not be looking in to procs, bleeds, charges, poisons, archery DoT, or any other form of DoT that is not used as a primary form of damage from the class that casts it. Utility DoT, such as the Reaver or Valewalker instant DoT or the Warlock DoT are not going to be changed in this sweep, as they are built differently, and have a different functionality from the more common castable DoT. Monster DoTs will most likely not be changed, due to the fact that they interrupt on every tick.

From the Herald grab bag :

"Q) I started using the strong draught of mending couple of weeks ago and I just noticed that whenever I use the potion a message pops up saying that "I already have that effect. Wait until it expires." I don't get it?

A) If you already have a more powerful health regen active, the spell from the potion will not overwrite it."

"Q) I have the title "Crafter's Helper" and I am a Legendary Armorcrafter. How can I change my title? I've tried to go to the Armorcrafter master with no results using /title.

A) You should be able to go back to the Armorcrafter and click on the keyword to rejoin the Armorcrafter trade. Then type /title and your crafting title should be changed to the appropriate one for your Armorcrafting skill."

Note you can substitute "armorcrafter" with alchemy in this question - this is the way you change your title no matter what skill trade you're in.

The proprietress here at the Olde Apothecary site (moi) will be taking a sabbatical from updating the site for a few months as I go off to stake a claim on a house out here in the real world. : )

I will continue checking my mail and reading the boards; however unless anything earth-shattering occurs within the realms, the site will be coasting in maintenance mode until I get settled into my new abode. Enjoy the summer! ~E.