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Excerpts from this week's Herald Grab Bag:

Q. I'm curious about the Heavy Antalya Truncheon, it's a huge hammer with the standard gold weapon hue. The problem is it can?t be dyed by any in the game. No matter what dye you use, it says you can?t dye it. Is there a dye available for it that I?m missing?

A. With a twinkle in her eyes the Lady of the Jewels can't see a reason not to make this weapon dye-able: Please Look for a note about this in a future patch, we?ll see what we can do!

Q. I'm surprised that with all the information available in delves these days that remains don't have the trophy components listed there. I was recently stonewalled on my mid server (no crafters) when I needed a Greater Avian Trophy Potion, and there were none for sale. I would rather know what to have ready to hand over, than have to port around and try to find something that turns out isn't available at the moment. Are there any plans in the works to extend delve info of that sort to remains?

A. With a squeal of glee The Lady of the Jewels exclaimed: What an excellent idea! I'll see about working this in to a future live version. Thank you for submitting this to us.