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From the Herald grab bag question to support the age old question "Does quality of armor matter when it comes to alchemy?":

"Q) During a discussion the other day on new Dragonsworn armor and redoing templates to fit pieces in,the topic of what to alchemy onto the suit came up. Since the new crafting changes, all pieces have MP armor SC points. The armor, as far as I know, quality wise is for your AF. My questionis does the quality of the armor affect the proc rate of ablatives and omni procs? Is there a difference between the amount a ablative will proc on a 99% piece and a MP piece?A few people I know were wondering this as crafting MP's can be expensive just for the extra 6 odd armor from 99% armor if ablative proc rate is not affected.

A) The quality of an item will not affect its proc rate, so you can go ahead and apply whatever proc you want to your 96% quality armor without feeling like you?re missing out. Note that charges are another matter entirely. When a charge tincture is applied to an item, the item?s quality will affect the number of charges it can hold. A 96% quality item can hold 4 charges. Each point of quality above that will add another charge, the exception being when you reach 100% when 3 are added, meaning a masterpiece item will get 10 charges.

In other words:
96% = 4
97% = 5
98% = 6
99% = 7
100% = 10"

From the patch notes on the Herald under "Classic Camelot Notes":

"Most base level 50 monsters in Dartmoor, Sheeroe Hills and Malmohus will now drop alchemy items. Monsters with existing alchemy drops have had their drop rate increased slightly."

Feedback on the boards indicates that people are seeing an increase of drops in this area. Woot! :)

Updated the recharging section of the Guide with this helpful bit of wisdom shared on the VN board recently: recharging an item, unstack the renewal items first or otherwise the entire stack will be used and might cost ya a pretty penny. (Thanks Jeanysgimp!)

Merry meet and my apologies for my brief hiatus from updating the site. (A rebuilt system + overly eager tech geek spouse...well, I'll let you figure it out and say no more, hehe.)

I've updated the following info on the site:

  • The recipe .xls file is updated and able to be downloaded from the Recipes page.
  • Adelaide Dinsmore the Alchemy Master's location on the Merchants page has been updated to show her in the Magic Shoppe in Camelot.
  • Armog Dag the Alchemy Master and his merry band of alchemy supply sellers have had their locations updated on the Merchant's page to show them relocated to the longhouses by the forge in Jordheim. The alchemy table previously located by the Assembly Hall has had its location updated as well.
  • More mobs confirmed or added to the Drops list - thanks for taking the time to submit your info and keep it coming!
  • FAQ updated
After a run, I've decided to take down the Alchemy Trade site as the cost of running it ad-free outweighs the benefit so the link has been removed.

In other game news, the following is from today's Herald grab bag:

"Q) Some people are telling me that reactive procs work on shields in RvR; I've always been told they never worked at all. Who's right?

A) Reactive shield procs do indeed work in RvR, but not in PvE."