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A burning question at long last addressed! Read on...

Q. My question involves the Alchemy drop items. Why does the Ancient Crushed Focus Stone only drop one at a time, while the Ancient Troll Blood, Ancient Giant Blood, Ancient Mirror, Ancient Pure Mercury, and the Enriched Quicksilver drops off the same mobs in stacks of 5? The Ancient Necrotic Brain Fluid and the Ancient Lich Tooth will drop in stacks of 3. There doesn't appear to be a level variation between the drops, and they are all used with Alchemy of 1000+. Shouldn't they all be dropped in the same quantity?

A. The Lady of the Jewels thought about this a moment: The player brings up an excellent point. I will look into what can be done about normalizing the alchemy drops across the board in a future patch.

Fresh from the Herald Grab Bag:

Q. I was wondering what other procs will stack with Omni procs, and how many different procs can be placed on (1) piece of armor using Alchemy?

A. The Lady of the Jewels says that only one proc may be placed on an armor piece by an Alchemist: As for the first part of your question, if you are referring to whether more than one armor proc can proc at a time the answer is no, only one can proc per time your are struck by an enemy. The piece of your armor which was struck is the one that has a chance to proc.

Just a side note, once a proc is put on a piece of armor, it's there permanently. ~E.