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Crafting excerpt from the 1.88 patch notes:


- Timers for all recipes have been standardized to reduce some inconsistencies, as well as to eliminate many excessively long crafting times. For the vast majority of recipes, this results in a significant decrease in crafting time; anywhere from a few seconds to as much as two minutes, such as in the case of the bulk trinkets.

- The recipes for various "eroding" tinctures have been changed to require Lifebane instead of the ingredients for Lifebane poison.

Please note I have not updated the eroding tinctures on this site yet and will do so by Friday morning. Updated.

Two items to share with you:

- GOA Europe readers who use this site...

After a series of puzzling emails with a couple of readers recently about the accuracy of the recipes and costs on this site, a light bulb flickered on in my head, making me suspect that the info may alter somewhat depending on which side of the 'pond' you're gaming on in regards to crafting changes. (In this particular example, the flattening/recipe change for omni proc reactive). Mind you, I say suspect because unfortunately I don't have access to these servers to cross-reference and verify.

Anyway, the information posted here is based on current game information taken from the U.S. servers and my apologies are offered for any puzzlement over the discrepancy.

- The Olde Apothecary Shoppe...

Just a friendly reminder that this message board (linked in the menu on the left) is for your use either as a buyer or a seller for your alchemy needs. There was some screwy thing going on which required I "review" topics before they were visible. Hopefully this issue has been involved and the board can be of some service to you.

Excerpt from the Herald's Friday Grab Bag regarding reactive procs on shields and enemy pets:

Q: When I block an enemy player's pet with my shield, the reactive proc on my shield never fires. Why is this?

A: Redhead, taking a break from archer stuff: "Reactive shield procs do not fire in PVE by design. Because of the way monster AI works in combination with block rates and shield procs, there are a lot of very exploitable situations with allowing it to exist. Thus, no shield procs against NPCs."

Also, added confirms of a few drops as well as add the above grab bag question to the FAQ page.

Procs on bows will now work with the new Archery system.

- Reverse procs will now work with the new Archery system.

- Ablatives will now work with the new Archery system.

Excerpts brought to you from the Herald's recent 3/02/07 grab bag. I just got to say I was pleasantly surprised that this site got a call out and am grateful to the folks at the Herald not only for the reference but for also confirming with the powers-that-be what many seasoned alchemists (the honest ones anyway) have been saying for quite some time: quality doesn't matter with alchemy! Please friends, don't waste your hard-farmed gold on "MP" alchemy items - a 96% quality charge, proc, potion, dye, or what have you works equally as well as a 100% quality one. Read on...

Q: Prior to patch 1.87, I had gotten my SCer to LGM status and my Alchy to 400ish. When 1.87 went through, I received the "Perfect Crafter's Focus" item to make MP items. Since it did absolutely nothing for my SCing, I decided to level my Alchemy to LGM status as well.

I got LGM Alchemy and went to make some charges for my armor. So I could have the maximum amount of charges before I had to recharge the item, I used my Perfect Crafter's Focus item to get a MP Charge.

In the documentation on the herald, I have seen that it says a MP Charge should have 10 charges on it, while a 99% charge should have 7, 98% should have 6, etc. However, when I imbued the 100% Charge on my boots, I only had 7 charges.

Does the Perfect Crafter's Focus item not work with Alchemy charges?

A: The Bearded Guru (in charge of items) reviewed this question and said:

"I talked to the Trade Goddess about this. The issue is a misconception that the quality of the tincture affects the number of charges it receives.

From the site: (URL corrected)

"Definition of charges: These are applied to weapons/shields/armor. They are activated by the /use command on the item they are imbued into and can only be accessed outside of combat. Charges can be used in both PvE and RvR. The number of charges available depends on the quality of the item being imbued:

100% quality = 10 charges
99% quality = 7 charges
98% quality = 6 charges
97% quality = 5 charges
96% quality = 4 charges"

So in this case, it sounds like the tincture the player placed was on a 99% quality item."


"Yep, that's correct. For alchemy charge tinctures, it's not the quality of the tincture that is used to determine the number of charges. It's the quality of the ITEM to which the tincture is being applied."

Q: I currently have two mob remains from the Labyrinth and I can?t find what they need or who they go to and nobody seems to be able to help me. I have Cerberus and Muxos (sp?) and I can?t find who to give them to. Can you PLZ PLZ PLZ help me???

A: From the Bearded Guru: "To find the NPC that you seek, into your housing market you must peek."

The taxidermist NPC you want would be the one with an actual name and the title <apprentice taxidermist> below his name.

Here is a list, by realm, of the NPCs that should be able to assist you with your remains.

Albion - Caerwent - Elkyrd
Midgard - Erikstaad - Bruhdor
Hibernia - Meath - Urlaun