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Short and sweet from the Herald Grab Bag:

Q. I have a question regarding the celerity tincture that can be imbued onto crafted armor. Is it possible to recharge the item once you have used up all the original charges? When I delve my crafted item (circlet) it now reads 0 of 7 charges remaining. When I go to a Recharger and give him/her the item I get a pop-up saying that it will cost 0g to recharge, then a message saying that the Recharger cannot recharge the item. How can I recharge my item?

A. After pondering in deep thought for a moment, the Lady of the Jewels responds: If it is a crafted item, and therefore has a player-made charge applied to it, only an Alchemist can recharge it for you. It does not have to be the same Alchemist thankfully. The NPC Rechargers are only able to recharge items that did not have their charge imbued by a player Alchemist.

More from the Herald Grab Bag:

Q. I have a question about crafting. I recently heard that New Frontiers has a better crafting bonus then in capital cities and housing, could you shine some light on this for us, please?

A. The Bearded Wonder shifted his head curiously and explains: Here is where we introduced crafting bonuses to the capital cities: This was done to promote crafting in the cities as a hub of activity.

There are no corresponding bonuses like that in New Frontiers. None of the NF zones have a bonus set for crafting like the cities do.

Q. The Azure Crusher from the Hib Dragon is not able to be dyed. Is this intended?

A. The Lady of the Jewels examined the Azure Crusher carefully: I can?t see a reason why the Azure Crusher shouldn't be able to be dyed just like its fellow Dragon weapons. It is now corrected in the patch notes for 1.93c that is currently on Pendragon. Thank you to the astute player who pointed this out!