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From the Herald grab-bag with an interesting question regarding poison procs and the Glimmer-King:

Q) Do weapons with poison procs or that use poison such as poison arrows, or the vamperic mist or traitors dagger heal the Hibernia Dragon? Have been on several raids lately where he never gets below 80% and I'm hearing that these items like fools bow, TD and poison heal him. It wasn't like that in the past, so is this true or is the encounter bugged? Or has something changed I have over 10 dragon kills on my vamp and 2 on my ranger prior to this.

A) Nothing has been changed in the Dragon's AI to cause this; it is simply an urban legend.

Yep, rates right up there with the one about the karma from killing wild horses on the Salisbury Plains. :)

Per patch 1.89:

- The Trials of Atlantis zones have been clustered.

Because of this change, I've updated the TOA merchant data on this site.

From the Herald grab-bag regarding the crafting "totem-pole" on the Herald:

Q) In a past Grab Bag you said that the person who got the highest crafting skill last became number one on the top crafters list. I thought the list was ranked by the crafting skill then ties were broken by /played time?

A) Correct you are. After double checking, the top crafter lists are indeed ranked by skill and then by /played time.