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Following website updates:
  • Updated the drops list
  • Added an alchemy skill-up guide for download (located in Links)
  • Introducing a new and improved Merchants page which provides a comprehensive three-realm list of all alchemy supply merchants, trainers, and tables, their locations, and items/services available.
  • A guestbook link has been added to the bottom of each page - stop by and say hello. :)

Per patch notes on the Herald for version 1.86 which introduced the Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion:
  • With this version, we are introducing capital city crafting bonuses. When crafting in Jordheim, Tir na Nog, and Camelot City, players will receive a 10% bonus to crafting speed and a 5% bonus to skill gain chance for all tradeskills.
  • Please note that these bonuses stack with crafting bonuses derived from all tool items given as a reward of the Tradeskill quests.


  • New Hasteners have come to town. They are working hard near the crafting areas of the capital cities.
  • The three main Hastener spells have had their duration increased to ten minutes.
  • All three main Hastener spells have had their speed increased.