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Excerpts from version 1.96 release notes courtesy of the Herald:

- After slaving away for many long hours, the Taxidermists of the realms have finally managed to figure out how to make trophies out of the remains of the following monsters: Vaerin, Torst, Samut, Yefeu, Tutankhsekhmet, Andranchos Xuthos, Echo of Qebehsenuef, and Mesedsubastet. These monsters will now drop remains.

Note: Samut, Tutankhsekhmet, Echo of Qebehsenuef, and Mesedsubastet will drop remains only if you or someone in your group needs credit for their respective encounters. You will be able to get these remains by turning in Reforming Essences of the Afrit to the Trogo Zontanos Mageia and selecting their name if you already have credit for these encounters.

- The Taxidermists found in the Housing Markets have adopted titles befitting their status that will alert players as to what types of remains they will be able to convert into trophies.

- Remains that drop from monsters will now list the trophy potion that is required to make them into a trophy.

- Fur-Lined Leather Sleeves, which are received in the Tutorial zone, are now correctly dyable with Leather Dye.

- The Foil Hat of Swirling Thoughts is now dyable with enamel dye.

- The /use icon for the Greater Nereid Potion has been changed to distinguish it as a water-breathing effect.

- The /use icons for the Strong Draught of Power and Improved Elixir of Speed now correctly have self-only spell widgets.

- The recipe for the reactive draining arcanium armor tincture will no longer list silvery faerie hair as a required ingredient.

As the year starts to wind down, I wanted to offer my apologies as there hasn't been much in major changes to alchemy to post and truth be told, I've been rather busy adventuring in real life as well as other mmorpg's as time allows. I appreciate the emails and comments left in the guestbook and will get around this week to posting corrections and updates. As always, please continue to drop me a line with any feedback or corrections and thanks for using the Olde Apothecary as your DAOC alchemy resource.

~ Eleonry