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Finished cleaning up the coding of the site, working on adding the newsletter information into a database format, then will be breaking the site out of frames for easier bookmarking.

Part 2, As there is an abundance of pages, I have uploaded them with only some mass find/replaces complete. Things may be a bit 'funny' until I can get through each page individually. I can be PM'd on VN using .Seren. if you see something really odd going on. After each page has been checked, I intend to work on breaking these pages out of frames for easier bookmarking (and search engine cacheing).

The move for "The Olde Apothecary" has started. Some pages will be missing as I have been cleaning out the Frontpage coding prior to uploading, and reorganizing a few things (such as all the graphics in their own folder for tidiness factor). Eleonry has provided a tidy zip file of everything, and so far it looks to be all in order. As each page is 'cleaned up', it will be posted - hopefully done within the next 48 hours or so. More updates to come! ~ Serenitee