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Following website updates:
  • Updated drops list (thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send in their parse logs and confirmations). I particularly would appreciate any drops information from the following areas:
    • Midgard - all areas
    • Hibernia - Bog of Cullen, Sheeroe Hills, Cursed Forest
    • Albion - Llyn Barfog/Pennine Mtns (e.g. Ravenclan giants, Ellyll); Stonehenge Barrows, Dartmoor
  • All potion recipes now reflect sellback amounts. Note: I found several small discrepancies with resale values and appealed them to Mythic to correct; the current sellback value is listed on the recipe pages and are highlighted in red on the downloadable reference Excel document.
  • FAQ page updated and new contributors added to Links

Hot fix goodness from the Camelot Herald:

"6 and 9 charge potions will now sell back for the appropriate amount. Please note that this fix only applies to newly created potions."

Also from Test Version 1.86g Release Notes (Labyrinth of the Minotaur):

  • New Hasteners have come to town. They are working hard near the crafting areas of the capital cities.
  • The three main Hastener spells have had their duration increased to ten minutes.
  • All three main Hastener spells have had their speed increased.

From the Camelot Herald Grab bag:

Q: Recent notes say that the players crafting in the capital cities will get bonuses. Now, players that are crafting at home pay less for their supplies. Why not give the crafting bonuses at home?

A: The whole point of the new bonuses is to give people a reason to come to the city again. Crafting areas used to be vibrant, interesting places where you could always find someone. We?d like to bring that back.

10/16 Edit: The above question stated that players crafting at home pay less for their supplies. This is untrue. Housing discounts apply only to services such as healers and smiths, but do not apply to crafting supply merchants.
(Thanks DH for getting clarification on the housing question.)

Version 1.85d Release Notes - Tradeskills and Class Changes (from the Camelot Herald)


  • Fixed an issue where NPC merchants would not take number of charges of a potion into account when calculating the sell value of the item. Due to this fix, all Alchemy potions have been updated so they can now be sold to NPC merchants.
  • All newly created Greater Enervating Poisons can now be used as an ingredient in the weak essence of weariness recipe.

From the Camelot Herald 1.86f patch testing on Pendragon:

"With this version, we are introducing capital city crafting bonuses. When crafting in Jordheim, Tir na Nog, and Camelot City, players will receive a 10% bonus to crafting speed and a 5% bonus to skill gain chance for all tradeskills."

A bug report was submitted for reactive shard fine alloy armor tincture due to wrong sellback value (underselling for approximately 70s rather than 25g and some change).

FAQ page updated with a Herald grab bag response to the age-old DAoC lament: "Where's the white dye?"

Fixed the charge recipe page so that it properly displays all recipes above 900 skill. Also updated the reference.xls to correct spelling errors.

In other news, some (including myself) have wondered why Mythic doesn't 'hot fix' the potion sell-back issue now instead of waiting to include this in the next patch. Tradeskill T/L DHCruiser took the question to the powers-that-be and shared the following:

"I spoke with the Goddess of all that is wonderful about the hot fix issue. She said if she could hot fix it, she would. However, the "fix" for this requires some of the code changes that are a part of 1.86, so it has to stay with the 1.86 patch. Underlying programming changes aren't allowed to be part of a hot fix. At least we know it's coming. :) "