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From the Herald grab bag:

Q. Now that siegecrafting has been revamped, is there a use for the frosted gem of condensation and flask of glacial essence?

A. Currently there isn?t a use for these items rather than sell them. We might use them in the future though, if we ever need to create new recipes, so we saw no reason to take them out.

Q. I love the color scheme for the Sigil armor set(blue/gold). Is it possible to duplicate that same color scheme with other armor types (ie Dragonsworn, DragonSlayer and Epic armor sets) and if so, what colors are needed?

A. Our artists have a wider range of color selections available to them when they paint the base skins of armor. This allows them to create highly unique looks that set those armor sets apart from others in the game. Says the Bearded Wonder: Assuming that the player means the base texture on the item, they would not be able to match the color scheme exactly on other sets as those sets have base textures that are different. Applying a dye would not allow them to get the same colors exactly. Your best bet would be to look at the dye colors available to you and then try to match those colors the best way you can.

Also more info about this in the FAQ about using dye on armour and such.