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From the Herald Halloween Grab Bag:

Happy Halloween everyone!

Q. I sell potions on my Consignment Merchant and one of the best selling potions is the highest level Endurance regen potion; Strong Draught of Invigoration for which the dropped ingredient Ancient Giant Blood is required. I can farm these in the Coruscating Mines when they're not camped but so far I?ve have had no luck finding it anywhere else. What other enemies drop this alchemy ingredient?

A. Jacky the jack o?lantern tells us: In Hibernia, you can hunt the highest level Siabra Waterwalkers and Guardians in Bog of Cullen. There are several glimmers in Sheeroe Hills with a chance to drop Ancient Giants Blood as well. These include glimmer grievers, strikers, warshades and deathwatchers.

From this week's Herald Grab Bag:

Q. I?ve been using a spellcrafted shield, and I?m interested in putting a reactive proc on it, but I?ve heard conflicting reports that reactive procs on shields don?t always work. Do reactive procs work on shields?

A. The Equalizer definitely had a reaction to this question and he explains: Reactive effect will work on a shield, but only in RvR combat, and only when you have successfully blocked an attack. Players are currently able to achieve blocking rates that are nearly 100% in PvE combat, and so reactive effects will not fire while fighting monsters. Reactive effects will also only fire when you have successfully blocked an attack (as that is when your shield is "hit"), and not when you perform Shield Styles.

Q. I believe the Greater Nereid potion widget and Draught of Healing widget are identical and can cause confusion and even death. Please update one or the other please.

A. With a quick verification the Equalizer says: Thank you for bringing this to our attention - look for a change to the Greater Nereid Potion hotbar icon in 1.96 to help differentiate these two potions.

Q. Does "+5% buffing effectiveness" add to potion buffs?

A. In the quickest Grab Bag response yet, the Equalizer says: Yes - the stat buff effectiveness bonus will increase the effectiveness of potion buffs.