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Taken from the Herald Grab Bag:

Q. I recently started using the Arcanium Astral Voltaic War Pick on my Armsman. I like the damage and proc for the weapon, but I have found that the weapon cannot be dyed, even though there is nothing listed on the delve. I would really like to be able to dye this weapon to match my suit. Is this a bug or an oversight for this weapon?

A. The Lady of the Jewels says it isn?t an oversight: None of the "Astral" weapons were given the ability to be dyed due to the unique silvery blue tint connected to their models. It is part of what identifies them as Master Level 10 items.

Q. It appears as though Hibernia's Arcanite Blade of Silent Oblivion is not dye able by a large number of weapon lusters. Could somebody please fix this?

A. The Equalizer says that you can dye that sharp blade: This item is currently set so that it may be dyed by weapon enamels found while adventuring in the Epic Dungeons (Caer Sidi, Tuscaran Glacier, and Galladoria) in the Shrouded Isles or by killing powerful enemies in the Trial Planes in the lands of Atlantis.

Q. Just a short note to inform you that when I make the Level 49 Omni proc with my crafter it is not using all the ingredients listed. I am left with a Silvery Faerie Hair even when I have made the item.

A. Smiling to herself the Lady of the Jewels had this to say: Those pesky fairies and their hair I tell you! Actually, this recipe was edited along with other various crafting changes that we are making for the Origins server. The discrepancy between what this recipe says it requires and what it actually requires will be corrected in 1.96. Sorry for the confusion.